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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape (also known as: PSA, self adhesive, self-stick adhesive) is a category of adhesive tapes and thin flexible material with single or double sided coating. PSA will adhere to a variety of substrates when applied to most clean and dry surfaces with pressure. Pressure Sensitive adhesives do not require solvent, water, or heat to activate…

Pistol Grip Tape Dispensers

Pistol Grip Box Sealing Tape Dispensers are an affordable, portable, hand-held tape dispenser designed with a pistol-grip design for easy application. Easy-to-use, you can tack, roll, buff and tear in one fluid motion. The lightweight and rugged construction of these tape dispensers creates a durable, yet portable, tool for sealing, combining, reinforcing and bundling.

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